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For the planet.

How it works

Scan your online basket

Download the Re-Place extension and click the icon in your browser to start scanning items in your shopping basket.

Receive effective comparative statistics

Our powerful database presents you with a material by material breakdown of your items and finds you more sustainable alternatives.

Re-Place with a click

If you like any of the alternatives we have found for you, then just hit Re-Place and you’ll be directed to your new favourite item.

Verified by data

Our statistics is powered by one of the world’s most sophisticated databases of raw materials, ensuring that you get accurate, transparent, and trustworthy information regarding all of your shopping.

Enabling small sustainable businesses

We actively partner with small and private climate-oriented businesses to help forward community driven initiatives, and ensure end-to-end verifiability.

“With consumers demanding transparency and governments regulating what businesses can claim, there is never a more pressing time for something like RE-PLACE.”

Thomas Panton, CEO Greenr.

“RE-PLACE is an amazing combination of cutting edge technology and big data working in unison to help fight climate change.”

Stephen Henry, CEO Positive Planet.

“RE-PLACE is a fantastic way to fundamentally change online shopping trends and help establish a sustainable future.”

Dr. Andrew Ferraris, Former managing director UBS, Deutsche Bank.

Too good to be true, right?

Start saving the planet.